Full Name: Simphiwe Dlulane

Date of Birth: 20 February 1974

Grade: 5th Dan Black Belt

Years of Training: Since 1985

Simphiwe Dlulane was born in 1974 and started Full-Contact Karate (Kyokushin) training in 1985 in Butterworth under Sensei Ndumiso Jali and is today an internationally recognized and respected karateka. Having represented the country in numerous international events, a detailed list of his achievements would fill volumes. Let it suffice to say some of his notable achievements include, inter-alia, the following:

  • South African Young Lions (under19 years) Champion; 1992, 1993
  • Undefeated South African Lightweight Champion for 3 years until he voluntarily campaigned in other divisions; 1992 - 1994.
  • Undefeated South African Middleweight Champion until he voluntarily campaigned in other divisions; 1995 – 2000.
  • Current undefeated South African Heavyweight Champion; since 2001.
  • Current South African Open weight Champion of Champions;
  • Year 2000 Russian and Eastern Europe Champion.
  • 8th Place & best technical fighter in the 2006 All-Japan Championships.
  • Top 10 Knockdown (Full Contact) Fighter in the world.
  • Young Free Stater of the Year 2006.

Besides these he has represented South Africa in many international events in countries such as Japan, Brazil, Russia and France as illustrated in the table below:

EVENT PLACE DATE South American Championships Brazil, Sao Paulo July 1994 1st Africa International Championships South Africa, Cape Town Feb 1995 6th World Open Championships Japan, Tokyo Nov 1995 1st World Weight Category Championships Japan, Tokyo May 1997 2nd Africa International Championships South Africa, Cape Town Aug 1997 1st World Cup Team Event France, Paris Sept 1998 7th World Open Championships Japan, Tokyo Nov 1999 Russian Cup Russia, Ekaterinberg May 2000 Russian Cup Russia, Ekaterinberg Feb 2001 2nd World Weight Category Championships Japan, Osaka May 2001 2nd World Cup Team Event Brazil, Sao Paulo Aug 2002 3rd Africa International Championships South Africa, Oudtshoorn March 2003 8th World Open Championships Japan, Tokyo Nov 2003 European Martial Arts Festival France, Paris May 2004 1st Africa Weight Category Championships Soiuth Africa, Cape Town Feb 2005 4th Kyokushinkan All-Japan Championships Japan, Saitama City Nov 2006 2nd European Kyokushinkan Championships Russia, Moscow Sept 2008

Simphiwe shook the Kyokushin world in November 1999 when he defeated the undefeated Japanese heavyweight champion (Hitoshi Kiyama) and the European middleweight champion (Emil Kostov) at the Seventh World Open Karate Championships in Japan. Hot on the heels of that achievement he lifted the Russian and Eastern European light-heavy weight trophy in Ekaterinberg Russia, May 2000.

Simphiwe Dlulane is the young Free Stater of the year 2006; an award which was awarded to him by the honourable free state premier, Me Beatrice Marshoff, on the 2nd June 2006 in Bethlehem. Simphiwe Dlulane won the sport category of the premier’s awards and also became an overall winner topping other young free staters from different categories (Youth Entrepreneurship, Education, Community and Youth Service, Science & Technology, etc).

Simphiwe Dlulane is an internationally recognized tournament judge and has officiated in many tournaments in South Africa. He holds a 4th dan Black Belt and has been teaching karate to the youth from the previously disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa since 1990.